“Korea On Stage” Concert Reveals Second Artist Lineup

They will have a wide range of genres and artists for the show.

Korea On Stage- Namwon Gwanghanru is a concert hosted by the Cultural Heritage Administration and supervised by the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation and KBS. On August 9, they announced the official second artist lineup. 

The concert, which will air on August 12, will have actress Jo Bo Ah as the main MC, along with artists Ahn Sook Sun, Kim Junsu, Song So Hee, Min Eun Kyung, Korea House Art Troupe, Ailee, Lyn, Forestella, SOLE, and more for the first artist lineup. For the second artist lineup, it will include K-Pop girl group aespa, Weki Meki, Dynamic Duo, and Kim Yeon Ja for an even wider range of genres and artists.

The concert was recorded on July 20 in compliance with the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines. The concert will air on August 12 at 11 AM KST through KBS 2TV and aired worldwide in 117 countries through KBS World.

Source: newsen