Korean Netizens Praise The Korea Tourism Organization Promotions Set Up At The BTS Concert

Now this is something to be proud about!

The Korea Tourism Organization officially launched an online and offline Korean tourism promotion campaign for global fans attending the BTS concert held in Las Vegas. This concert, which will be held for four nights, will allow BTS and fans to meet in-person once again.

The tourism organization opened a PR booth at the Allegiant Stadium to carry out promotional activities for global fans entering the stadium, including trying on hanbok (Korean traditional clothes), experiencing scents that match each city in Korea, souvenirs, and more. 

In addition, a large LED billboard will be used to broadcast the Korean tourism promotional video, Feel The Rhythm of Korea. The head of the digital marketing planning team stated, “When full-scale tourism to Korea resumes, BTS is expected to be of great interest as it serves as catalyst for promoting Korean tourism”.

Korean netizens who saw the promotions at the concert could not be more proud!

  • “Wow the promotions look great! I feel so proud to be Korean!”
  • “The production of this is amazing!”
  • “The Korea Tourism Organization did a great job! This is how you promote Korea and BTS!”
  • “Now this is what you call real national pride!”
Source: k-odyssey and theqoo