Koreaboo launches YouTube artists platform and signs first official group, Malhada

Koreaboo has officially signed its first group, MALHADA, as we launch our indie and amateur artists platform via YouTube. Through various past releases, the group has already shown themselves to not only be full of talented singers, but proven and quality producers.

MALHADA is a company founded by CEO Jimin Choi in April 2014, and boasts members consisting of film directors, music producers, composers, rappers, vocalists, choreographers, actors, and make up artists, each of whom are not restricted to just their role but are talented in many other areas as well.

Jimin Choi himself acts as the company’s film director and has experience as a dancer and choreographer.

Promoting under MALHADA are JOAYO and Hong Yuna, who have previously released various music videos under the label.

Members Wonny (’94), Park Sae Hwan (’92), and Device Hoon (’95) debuted as JOAYO on May 23rd, 2014 with their first digital single “Come to Me.” Wonny is a talented rapper and music producer who has been composing since the age of 15! He always shows his love for hip-hop and continues to achieve his dreams as he delves deeper into rapping and composing.


Park Sae Hwan takes his place as the vocalist of the group, and despite having initially gone to university to pursue a major in Chemical Engineering, he made a big move from Busan to Seoul at 21 years old to pursue his true passion in singing. Under MALHADA, he released a solo digital single, titled “Writing Diary,” as well.


Device Hoon, another vocalist in JOAYO, is also a talented composer, who, like Park Sae Hwan, released a solo single earlier this year — “Don’t Break Up.” Though Korean, the singer spent some time in Thailand, where he lived during his elementary school days.

He further broadened his horizons by releasing the French version of his solo single, released on August 29th.


Female soloist Hong Yuna (’95) made her debut not too long ago, dropping her solo single, “Good Bye, Summer,” featuring Layback. With her background as a musical singer, she not only uses her beautiful vocals to create amazing singles, but utilizes her acting abilities to create dramatic music videos.


Backing up their label mates with their own knowledge and talents are choreographers CHEMI (’95), who teaches at the NY Dance Academy in Korea, and Green-J (’95). Having started dancing in elementary school, Green-J’s dance abilities ranges from ballet to modern dance and even jazz!

Hailing from the Philippines and having spent her teenage years in the country, Song Ju Hyun is a talented actress, though her abilities expand as a singer as well, having participated in musicals during her high school years. In a recent cover of Urban Zakapa‘s “I Hate You” with Hong Yuna, she displays her great singing abilities!


And, last but not least, Kim Hee Ji (’96) shares her love for make-up as MALHADA’s official make-up artist. Kim Hee Ji found her love for make-up when following her previous passion for dancing, for which she won several local prizes during her middle school and high school years.

Koreaboo will be introducing new amateur and indie artists, through our newly launched YouTube platform, curated directly from Korea. Through our platform, we will release original videos, songs, and covers, as well as promote our artists throughout various contests, broadcast shows, and events.