28-year-old Korean male dies after saving 20 lives

A 28-year old Korean male is being hailed a hero by everyone after risking his life in order to save 20 others.

On September 21st in a small villa in Mapo, a building that housed 21 people living in single rooms caught on fire. Identified as 28-year-old Ahn Chi Beom, he was the only person to wake up and escape the building. But as a CCTV later reveals, the young man risks his life, re-entering the building in order to ring the doorbell of all 20 tenants, waking them up in order to evacuate them from the burning building.

Unfortunately, while all 20 tenants evacuated, Ahn Chi Beom was found unconscious due from inhaling too much smoke. He was immediately taken to the hospital. Despite doctors doing their best, he passed away on the morning of the 22nd.

According to reports, Ahn Chi Beom had dreams to become a voice actor. He is now being praised as “the voice actor who used his voice to do the most amount of good.”

In an interview, Ahn Chi Bum’s mother said, “I was partially mad at my son for not taking care of himself before others but as I let him go I told him, ‘good work, I am proud of my son, you are a better person than your father and mother’ and complimented him”

Her words resonated and broke the hearts of many people in Korea. We at Koreaboo applaud the young man’s courage and our deepest condolences go to him and his family.

Source: Bada and Chosun Ilbo