Korean actor arrested for sexually assaulting high school student

A 35-year old famous musical actor, currently only identified as Lee, has been arrested for sexually assaulting a high school student while drunk.

The event occurred on September 6th, 2014 when the high school student “A” was on her way home when she was stopped by Lee, who grabbed her arms from the back. “A” was able to shake him off and escape to a nearby cafe.

He was promptly arrested, and the Seoul courts charged with a year in prison and two years of parole as well as 160 community service hours and 40 hours of psychological treatment.

Lee claimed, ‘The woman (‘Kim‘) I was drinking with was nowhere to be found and ‘A’ looked similar so I grabbed her to just check, I had no intention of sexually assaulting her.”

However the court stated, “‘Kim’ was wearing a one-piece dress and is a full grown woman while ‘A’ is noticeably a student and was wearing shorts.”

Furthermore, it was also discovered that Lee has been accused of attempted rape in the past but has continued to work in his field, even recently accepting a lead role.

Source: MK Star Today