Korean Actor Kang Ji Hwan Arrested For Sexual Assault

He was arrested at his home in Gwangju.

Kang Ji Hwan has been arrested for sexual assault. He was escorted from his home in Gwangju by police on the night of July 9th.

It has been reported that Kang Ji Hwan invited two female colleagues from his agency home for drinks after a company dinner. Later, while they slept he entered the room they were sleeping in and committed sexual assault on one and indecent assault on the other.

One of the women texted her friend in Seoul before the incident, saying “We had some drinks in actor Kang Ji Hwan’s house and now we’re trapped” and asked her friend to report it. She told the police what happened when they arrived and Kang Ji Hwan was arrested.

Once at the police station Kang Ji Hwan said he remembered nothing after having drinks. He was placed in a holding cell as he was still intoxicated and is due for questioning.