Korean Actor Park Bo Gum Reveals The One Thing He Will Never Stop Doing In His Lifetime

Actor Park Bo Gum‘s popularity is definitely on the rise, however, it doesn’t stop him from using public transportation.

Though he is busy with not only his shooting schedule for the drama Moonlight Drawn By Cloud and his Music Bank duties, in addition to various other shoots and schedules in between, Park Bo Gum takes the subway when he can on his way to classes or even to visit his agency. In a past interview, the actor revealed that while his private life unfortunately gets revealed to the public, he would still never give up taking public transportation.

Of course, as a rising celebrity, Park Bo Gum can be easily spotted and will undoubtedly attract fans who will flock to him, causing a concern for his safety. Usually, celebrities forgo public transportation and are instead taken to wherever they need to go with a company car.

However, when asked if he could stop taking the subway, Park Bo Gum simply answered, “Why~ Its fast and on time. The subway is best to take when I have to meet someone. With just 1,300 won, I can go anywhere in Seoul!”

In fact, a Mr. A, only identified as someone from an affiliate agency, was just about to depart from Park Bo Gum at Yeouido during rush hour. As office workers were heading out to make their way home, the official worried for Park Bo Gum as he was set to take the subway back. Hilariously enough, Park Bo Gum declined the offer, taking off to the subway as Mr. A was hailing him a taxi.

Laughing, Mr. A has commented that the actor is a very humble and diligent young man who continues to appreciate things in life.

Source: Newsen

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