These Are The Korean Actors And Films Appearing At The 2021 Cannes Film Festival

They will be representing South Korea at the international festival.

The Cannes Festival, or the Festival de Cannes, is an international film event held in Cannes, France, that has been well-respected since 1946. It is known as one of the “Big Five” international film festivals, which also includes the Venice Film Festival (Italy), the Berlin International Film Festival (Germany), the Sundance Film Festival (USA), and the Toronto International Film Festival (Canada). It strives to celebrate film at an international level and to contribute to the development of cinema.

Currently, an Asian film has only won the main prize 9 times out of about 99 films. Only one of them was a South Korean film, Parasite. This year, a few Korean actors are scheduled to appear at the event while two Korean films will be shown (although they will not be competing for the main prize).

Actor Lee Byung Hun will be presenting an award at the ceremony, but it has not been revealed which category. He is a critically acclaimed actor around the world in his work on Korean films such as I Saw the Devil, Masquerade, and more and English films such as G.I. Joe, Terminator, and more.

Lee Byung Hun | @byunghun0712/Instagram

Im Siwan, of Run On and Strangers from Hell, is set to attend, and Song Kang Ho, of Parasite and Taxi Driver, has been selected for the festival’s jury!

Im Siwan | @yim_siwang/Instagram

The films being shown at the festival are Emergency Declaration and In Front of Your Face. Emergency Declaration is a disaster film that showcases the chaos that ensues when a plane is forced to make an emergency landing. It features all three of the actors attending as well as Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Nam Gil, Kim So Jin, and Park Hae Joon.

In Front of Your Face is about a woman who has never lived in a high-rise apartment and wonders how her sister can live at that height every day. A few days ago, she burst in to stay with her sister, and she is now becoming re-accustomed to life in Korea. While keeping a grave secret to herself, she manages life one day at a time. Meanwhile, a director, some years younger than her, has asked her to join his project, and after a polite refusal, they agreed to meet. The film stars Lee Hye Young, Cho Yun Hee, and Kwon Hae Hyo.

A scene from In Front of Your Face (as there is no official poster yet). | Cannes Festival

We can’t wait to experience the festival!

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