Korean Actress Finds Her Brother Who Went Missing After Taking The Bus

She was concerned about his safety especially at night.

A Korean actress recently expressed her gratitude after finding her missing brother.

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On October 5, actress Moon Ji In posted a message on her Instagram, seeking help finding her missing brother, who has an intellectual disability.

Actress Moon Ji In | @moonjiin_actress/Instagram

She posted a picture of her brother and the details of where he was last seen.

He got on the bus again at around 7 p.m. at Gwanak Station in Seoul.
If anyone nearby sees him, I would appreciate it if you could report it…

I have a brother with a level one intellectual disability.
He has the intelligence of a 3-4-year-old child… but today at 2 p.m., he went missing around 2 p.m. today at a bus stop, and we haven’t found him yet.

He has epilepsy and is not good at walking, so tonight may be very dangerous. So if you’re around Suwon (there’s a high probability of him being here), Hwaseong (Dongtan), Osan, or around there, please let us know.

He also has a habit of continuously taking buses, so he could be further away. Because it’s rush hour, I feel like he might be on a bus…

If anyone sees him, please let me know…

— Moon Ji In

This photo is for illustrative purposes. | Unsplash

Moon Ji In’s post spread throughout online communities and news outlets, and even people claimed to have witnessed her brother.

Fortunately, Moon Ji In announced four hours after posting the message that she had found her brother. She thanked everybody and revealed her brother was found safe and sound. At first, she gave an update that he was found to ease netizens’ worries and stated that she would “provide more details later.” Later, she edited the post, adding more details.

My younger sibling has safely returned home after about 9 hours, with the help of many people. With epilepsy, it was extremely dangerous to go through the night, but unbelievably, just before midnight, we were able to meet them in good health.

— Moon Ji In


She explained how her brother got lost, sharing that it was unanticipated. She apologized and said it won’t happen again.

To briefly explain the situation, my sibling was waiting for the bus with my parents at the bus stop, then in the brief moment [my parent’s] bell rang and they looked for their phone, he boarded the bus. He has been taking the same bus for five years, so it seems they didn’t anticipate this. We will take better precautions to ensure that such incidents do not happen again. Our family was lacking, and I am truly sorry and grateful.

— Moon Ji In

The actress also thanked everyone who took part in helping her find her brother.

I have incurred an unimaginable debt of love. Many of my acquaintances, numerous tips from citizens, the help of journalists who covered the case, and the efforts of the missing person’s team and the police all played a crucial role in finding my sibling.

— Moon Ji In

In response to the post, comments of relief were left by various individuals, including actress Choi Yoon Young, Seol In Ah, Son Min Soo, and more.

It’s a relief, really ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

— Actress Seol In Ah

Moon Ji In on “Kick A Goal” | SBS

Moon Ji In debuted in 2009 and became recognized through her supporting roles in SBS‘s The Doctor, Dr. Romantic, and more. She is currently on the SBS soccer variety show called Kick A Goal.

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