(★BREAKING) Korean Actress Found Dead In Apartment After Drug Party

A Korean actress in her 30’s passed away on the evening of January 13 at a “drug party”. The party was held at an apartment complex in Nonhyeon, Gangnam.

A total of 7 other people, excluding the actress, were at the party. The only death was the unnamed actress.

Initially, the police had not realized that drugs were involved, as no narcotics were discovered at the scene of the crime. The police, however, later received confessions from the seven people, during their investigation.

“There was no sign of murder so we thought that the circumstances of her death was extremely peculiar.

We investigated further and the people with her admitted to taking drugs. We have currently taken in the 4 female and 3 males all in their 20’s ~30’s and are currently investigating the matter further.”

— Korean Police

While the cause of death is still not confirmed, police and witness confessions seem to indicate an overdose as the prominent cause of death.

There have been no details revealed to the identify of the actress, but Korean media have reported that the deceased was an actress in her 30’s who played very small roles.

Source: Asia E