Korean actress sex tape leaked?

Recently, a video that was said to be Lee Si Young‘s sex tape was “leaked” and spread online in Korea.

The claim made that the video in question was that of Lee Si Young arose because of the striking similarities between the woman in the video and the actress. The fact that blind items (people who are not identified) claimed that the video was of Lee Si Young during intercourse only added fuel to the fire.

One blind item (unidentified person) stated, “Actress Lee Si Young’s personal video was discovered and the police are looking into the matter. The video was filmed by her agency. Lee Si Young was made aware of the fact and attempted to commit suicide but has now recovered and is in no immediate danger.”

The video in question and its claims became a huge issue in Korea. Therefore, MBC‘s Section TV followed the case closely and investigated whether the video was really of the actress.

2 lee

After much comparison, they were able to discover one key difference between the two women despite their striking similarities. The woman in the video has a birth mark above her breast which Lee Si Young does not possess.

The legal representative of Lee Si Young stated, “This is the most shameful thing [that can] happen for a woman. It makes it worse that although it was untrue, the existence of her sex video became an established fact. She received a wound that can never heal. According to the law, the person who is responsible for the rumor can be put to prison for up to 7 years or charged with 50,000,000 Won in fines”.

Her agency, J Wide company, stated that they plan to pursue an investigation to find the person that started this false rumor and take legal action against them. Meanwhile, Lee Si Young completed a pictorial for SURE X M.A.C earlier this year.

Source: TV Report and Newsen