Korean Air’s Hot-Tempered Sisters Resign, Boss Apologizes

The boss blamed himself for his daughters’ outrageous behavior.

The two daughters of Korean Air‘s CEO, Cho Yang Ho, are stepping down from their positions after shaming the company with their tempers.

Photo by Aero Icarus


The eldest Cho sister made the international news four years ago. In what would later become known as “nut rage,” Cho Hyun Ah forced two flight attendants to kneel and beg forgiveness for serving her nuts in a bag rather than a bowl.

Even after making them apologize, she threw one of them off the plane before takeoff. The hot-tempered woman was jailed for one year for the incident as she was obstructing aviation safety. After she was released, she returned to work as the executive of Korean Air’s hotel affiliate.


That hasn’t been, however, the only scandal involving a Cho sister to hit Korean Air. Last week, Cho Hyun Min came under investigation for assault.

The marketing executive is accused of throwing water in a man’s face during a business meeting. Soon after the incident occurred, she sent out an e-mail apologizing for her behavior.


The two sisters have both decided to resign from their positions. Cho Yang Ho, also made an official apology on behalf of the company and blamed himself for his daughters’ unacceptable behavior.

“As chairman of Korean Air, as well as a father, I feel terrible about the immature actions of my daughters. Everything is my fault and my wrongdoing. I sincerely apologize.” — Cho Yang Ho

Source: Jakarta Post