Korean-American Child Model Ella Gross Has Reportedly Signed With YG Entertainment’s Sub-Label

The 10-year-old girl who shocked netizens with her beauty has apparently become a YG trainee!

The 10-year-old, Korean-American child model, Ella Gross, has reportedly signed with The Black Label, a sub-label of YG Entertainment.

The Black Label is a subsidiary of YG Entertainment that is headed by producer Teddy and Stony Skunk’s Kush. The label houses Zion.T, Okasian and Danny Chung (Decipher).


The young model posted a selfie with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, tagging both the BLACKPINK member and The Black Label’s official SNS account.

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She also posted a photo of herself in South Korea with Mia Cho, who is apparently her talent manager.

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The two seemed to be having a blast dancing together to BLACKPINK’s “Boombayah”.


After seeing these posts, netizens have been assuming that the charming little girl has signed a contract with the label!

  • “Well done Ella signing up with YG Entertainment. Your future is going to be great.”
  • “Congrats!”
  • “Welcome to the family girl!”
  • “Congratulations for becoming part of big label YG! So proud.”


Moreover, netizens have been talking about how much the two resemble each other!

  • “She looks like the mini version of Jennie”
  • “Little sister of BLACKPINK”
  • “Ahh, they look like sisters^^”
  • “Double Jennie”
  • They’re like sisters”
  • “Like twins”


Ella Gross has previously been noticed by Korean netizens not only for her cute selfies and videos, but also for her multiple talents.

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She is not only a professional model.

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She’s also apparently a great guitar player and singer!

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And possibly the cutest dancer ever!

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It was obvious that Ella Gross was full of potential and it seems that The Black Label has finally taken notice of her talents as well.

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Fans look forward to what The Black Label and Ella Gross have in store for fans!