Korean American Community Service Day is looking for event volunteers for November 8th

This Saturday, November 8th is Korean American Community Service Day, where you can volunteer with hundreds of fellow Korean Americans to make a difference in your community, and make some new friends while doing so!

Korean American Community Service Day, or #kaserviceday, is a new initiative created by NetKAL, the Network of Korean American Leaders at the University of Southern California. NetKAL aims to create an annual event for Korean Americans across the US to come together and increase their understanding and support of their respective communities.

Volunteers can participate in a number of events ranging from tutoring inner city kids, planting trees, to shopping for Christmas gifts for foster children! For those interested in the arts, there are volunteer opportunities with the Museum of Korean Contemporary Art in New York and the Arts Festival for Korean American Community Services in San Jose.

Anyone living in the US and interested in joining this project is welcome to participate. #kaserviceday is currently accepting volunteers on their website to join their events in New York City, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and San Francisco.

For more information, email info@kaserviceday.org.

Source: #kaserviceday