Korean American entertainer Amy to be deported for alleged drug abuse

After several incidents of drug abuse in the past, Korean American entertainer Amy has been sentenced to deported from the country.

Recently, Amy’s lawyer reported, “Upon Amy’s request to reinstatement her Korean citizenship, she has been living diligently as a civil citizen in Korea, hence, the case of deporting her from the country is too severe. It goes against Article 37 Section 2 of the Korean constitution, and must be cancelled.”

Previously, Amy had been found guilty of abusing drugs such as propofol and zolpidem throughout the past years. With several offenses under her record, she has been under probation for two years with mandatory 24-hour drug treatment lectures. However in 2013, Amy was found guilty of abusing zolpidem and was charged a fine of 5,000,000 won. With such a history, Amy was ruled by the courts to be deported earlier this year.

During a recent interview, Amy revealed, “Since my monetary penalty, I have been reflecting on my actions with much regret. I am remorseful of my acts and trying hard to live a new life. During my self-reflection, I received an order to be deported from the country. It was really absurd. As a Korean, I want to live with my family. I am desperate. I am living every day with tears and alcohol.”

The comments regarding her deportation included, “Just leave,” “Don’t want to see her,” “You should’ve done better,” and more.

Source: Segye Ilbo