Joseph Kahn Refuses To Apologize For Attacks On BTS

“No, I’ll never apologize. Suck a dick.”

The Korean-American filmmaker, Joseph Kahn, recently shared a post on his Twitter, accusing BTS of having plastic surgery and wearing lipstick.


He continued his argument by stating that Asian-Americans believe Asian men are being “feminized” by wearing lipstick.


This was followed by a post with an article that claimed South Korean men had plastic surgery to get the “pretty boy” look.


The posts soon went viral and caused him immense backlash from ARMYs and netizens around the world who retaliated, bombarding the post with attacks on his appearance.


Many went on to defend the BTS members by sharing photos to prove that his claims were not true.


Some have even accused the filmmaker of being racist against his own ethnicity.


Moreover, when news of his claims hit the Korean media, Korean netizens joined in on the criticism, accusing him of using BTS to gain more attention and returning the insult.

  • “Must you go this far to get a little more attention.”
  • “Who’s this nobody?”
  • “You succeeded in getting your name out.”
  • “Yes, and your face looks completely natural.”
  • “Joseph, your face doesn’t have any hope even with plastic surgery.”


After receiving so much criticism, Joseph shared a series of posts in the following days explaining that it was all a joke.


What he didn’t do, however, was apologize, and he made it clear that he never would.


Meanwhile, Big Hit Entertainment has responded to the issue by stating that there was nothing to be said, indicating that they would focus on preparations for BTS’ comeback on August 24 rather than respond to the controversy.

“We do not have any official statement in regard to the issue.” ㅡ Big Hit Entertainment

Source: Nate