Korean ARMYs Get Even More Pumped For BTS’s Magic Shop After They See This Foodcourt Menu

This way for your nomnoms.

With BTS‘s “Magic Shop” fan meeting events right around the corner, Korean ARMYs are getting more excited by the second. And as time approaches, there are more information being released about the event too!


On its official Instagram account, BTS introduced the several “play zones” for ARMYs to have fun and relax at the event. While getting to meet and interact with the members is their highest priority, ARMYs are now slightly distracted by the foodcourt menu! With the best of the best Korean snacks lined up to be sold at the event, ARMYs can’t wait to get their munchies on at the Magic Shop.


The menu, by the name of “Yam Yam Space Food Play”, suggests ARMYs to have all the fun at the event – but to feel free to come by and fuel up when they’re hungry. The foodcourt will be open at both Seoul and Busan events and fans are excited!


ARMYs attending the muster event will have the options of kebabs, rice cups, sushi rolls, cheese fries, fried shrimps, popcorn chicken, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, spicy rice cakes, sausage sticks, hot dogs, KBBQ, veggie fries, smoothies, fruit drinks, and more. And fans are pleasantly surprised by the variety!


ARMYs are now actively planning what to eat – in addition to their very busy day scheduled for the fan meeting event. And of course, this amazing selection of food is leaving the fans who can’t go or the fans who live outside the country jealous and hungry AF!

Source: THEQOO