A Korean Barista Is Gaining Attention For His Uncanny Resemblance To BTS’s V

“Am I the only one who thought it was V and clicked?”

BTS‘s V is known for his talent, handsome and model-like visuals, and undeniable charisma, earning attention from netizens, locals, and some of the world’s most luxurious brands.

BTS’s V modeling fine jewelry from luxury brand Cartier. | @thv/Instagram

This year alone, V was officially named a global ambassador for the French luxury brand CELINE and the French luxury goods brand Cartier.

| @thv/Instagram

His striking features are instantly recognizable, and recently, a barista in Korea is increasingly earning attention for his own striking visuals, and many netizens are seeing an uncanny resemblance between him and V.

| @thv/Instagram
Choi Kwang Hyun | @rhkdgus/Instagram

Choi Kwang Hyun, a barista, photographer, and YouTuber in Korea, welcomes 71,800 followers into his life through his popular Instagram account.

As he shares photos from work, countryside travels, and photoshoots, the comment section of each post continues to be flooded with mentions of his resemblance to BTS’s V.

| @rhkdgus/Instagram
| @rhkdgus/Instagram

Not only did his handsome visuals gain attention, but his similar mannerisms to BTS’s V, which are seen in the videos he posts on Instagram and his YouTube channel, did as well.

Choi Kwang Hyun | 최광현/YouTube 

Fans not only saw a resemblance to V, but some also pointed out similarities Choi Kwang Hyun’s features have to popular actor Gong Yoo.

Gong Yoo | @gongyoo_official/Instagram

Netizens hilariously wondered if Choi Kwang Hyun was V’s long-lost brother, while others admitted they thought Choi Kwang Hyun was V when they clicked on his photo.

This isn’t the first time netizens discovered a V doppelganger. Check out the gorgeous Korean model who also went viral for her resemblance to V in the article below!

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