Korean Baseball Team Fills Empty Seats In The Audience With Something Clever… And EVERYONE Loves It

We’re proud of them for seeing the opportunity and taking it.

During a broadcast of a baseball game that saw the NC Dinos go against the SK Wyverns, viewers were treated to the unusual and strangely delightful sight of the stands being filled with radishes.

Source: Ya_jaljomhaera/Twitter

Why radishes? Well, you see… no audience is allowed in the stands.

Picture unrelated. | Source: Tyler Callahan/Unsplash

“Moo” means radish, but it can also mean “no”. In this case, a “moo-audience” or “no audience” was literally a “radish audience”! 😂 We’re so proud of them for seeing the opportunity and taking it, after all, puns are the highest form of humor, are they not?

It’s moo-audience AND they’re social distancing

—@Ya_jaljomhaera, Twitter user

Meanwhile, it’s not just baseball teams that are finding creative ways to fill their stands. One Korean soccer team used “mannequins” to fill the stands and sports fans quickly realized that these weren’t just any mannequins — the team was actually using sex dolls as a stand-in for their audience!