This Korean Brand Is Such A Park Jihoon Hard Stan That It Showed Up At His Fan Meeting

Looks like true love.

In March 2019, Park Jihoon became the main model for the South Korean cosmetic brand 4EVER&J LAB. While at first it looked like Park Jihoon is promoting the brand’s facial masks and other products, it is actually 4EVER&J LAB that is promoting Park Jihoon as his #1 mega fan!


Fans went wild when the CEO of 4EVER&J LAB showed up at Park Jihoon’s recent fan signing event, not as his employer but as his one and only true fanboy!


It turned out 4EVER&J LAB bought a good $1,500 worth of Park Jihoon’s solo album copies, because the brand is so madly in love with its model, and with that purchase the brand won a chance to attend Park Jihoon’s signing event!


The CEO attended the fan meeting, waited his turn to receive Park Jihoon’s signature, took the rose Park Jihoon prepared for the fans, and even boasted about the whole deal on the brand’s official Instagram account.

The caption reads, “I dropped everything I was doing and went to the fan meeting yesterday. I have the goods on display in the middle of the Lotte Pop-Up Store! ♡”


Look how when the CEO took his seat, Park Jihoon was genuinely surprised to see him there!


He kept calm and interacted with the CEO…


… but he couldn’t hide his shock after the CEO left!


Fans are having a blast over how cute this interaction is. In fact, another fan captured the whole thing and shared it with the internet to UWU over.


Park Jihoon’s fans deeply appreciate 4EVER&J LAB for supporting its brand model in the most creative way possible and are now promising to use the brand’s products in return!


It really is no wonder though – with a face like this, what brand wouldn’t fall in love with Park Jihoon? Fans related with 4EVER&J LAB’s new found obsession over this gorgeousness of a model.

Source: Oh Fun

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