Korean cancer doctor reveals Kim Woo Bin’s chances of recovery

Dr. Jung Yoo Seok of the National Cancer Center has released more details about Kim Woo Bin’s cancer diagnosis and his chances of recovery.

During a special guest appearance on KBS 2TV‘s Entertainment Weekly, Dr. Jung Yoo Seok was asked about Kim Woo Bin’s cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Jung Yoo Seok is a highly respected professor at the National Cancer Grad School, even being recognized with the “Novastice Merit Award” at the 41st Korean Cancer Scholars Association.

He revealed the standard procedure of treatment, as well as the rate of recovery depending on when the cancer was caught.

“Due to the uncommon location of the cancer, the standard procedure is to treat him with a mix of radiation treatment and medication without surgery. When caught in the primary or secondary stage you can expect 70% chance of full recovery and in the 3rd or 4th stage the chance of recovery increases depending on how healthy the patient is.”

— Dr. Jung Yoo Seok

Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with Nasopharynx cancer, a very uncommon form of cancer which effect only 1 in 100,000 people.

Since the initial diagnosis, there have been little to no updates on Kim Woo Bin’s conditions, besides this information release by Dr. Jung Yoo Seok.

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