Korean CEO Caught On Film Beating Employee, Forcing Acts of Animal Cruelty And More

Please note this article may contain graphic images of physical assault and animal cruelty.

Yang Jin Ho, CEO of Korea Future Technology and WeDisk, has made the headlines following a viral video of him blatantly berating and beating his employee.


The footage filmed in April 2015, which was exposed by Newstapa, a website managed by the Korea Center for Investigative Journalism, showed Yang repeatedly slapping an employee and humiliating him by berating him and making him kneel down on his knees in front of all the other employees.


The CEO’s outrage resulted from a comment that was posted by the employee, pretending to be the CEO.


The abused employee from the video has since moved to a remote island in southern Korea. According to Newstapa, he made the decision to move due to the humiliation he was forced to endure at the company.


The CEO’s cruel acts did not stop there as follow-up videos from a company outing to a farm in 2016 showed the man forcing employees to commit cruel acts of violence towards animals such as shooting live chickens or decapitating them with a Japanese sword.


The killing of these animals was apparently for his personal enjoyment and the chickens were later served for dinner, according to one employee.


Yang had also reportedly forced some of his male employees, many of the middle-aged, to dye their hair red or green for his amusement and was also known to force his employees to drink large amounts of alcohol without any bathroom breaks. If any employees had to vomit, they were told to do so at the table.


What was more, the CEO had apparently given his consent to recording the videos and had outright directed some of them to keep as “souvenirs”.

“Who filmed the video?
-There’s a crazy director named 000. He’s the cameraman. He films a lot of things, things related to robots and he takes a lot of photos too. Because the chairman makes him.
-Why does he film the videos?
As a souvenir.”


Meanwhile, the file-sharing businesses that Yang runs is a well-known platform in Korea for distribution of pornography and the police suspect that he made his fortune from allowing the platform to be a storage for illegal material like revenge porn or spycam footage.

In front of his luxury villa were parked two luxury vehicles: a Rolls Royce and a Lamborghini.


Yang, who has stepped down from his position as chairman of the two companies, is currently under investigation for digital sex crimes as well as for allegations of violence and animal cruelty. His home and offices of WeDisk and Filenori in Gyeonggi-do have been raided by police in September.

“Special measures must be taken for the strengthening of punishment in regard to spycam crimes and the protection of victims.”  ㅡ President Moon Jae In


Watch the full video below:

Source: Newstapa
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