Release Date Finally Announced For Korean-Chinese Film “Catman” Starring EXO’s Sehun

The wait is finally over!

The Korean-Chinese film Catman, starring EXO‘s Sehun, is finally set to be released later this month!

Catman was filmed in 2016 in Korea and was originally set to be released in 2017, which was then pushed back to 2018 and later 2020. There was no official explanation given as to why the original release date was delayed so many times. Fans suspect it had to do with the Chinese Hallyu ban, even though it began to lift that same year.

| The original poster for Catman.

Earlier today, however, the official Weibo page for Catman shared the trailer for the movie along with an announcement: it is now going to be released on March 14!

The movie will follow Sehun’s character, Liang Qu, and his roommate Xiao Wan, played by Janice Wu. Xiao Wan is described as “an honest, confident woman” who develops an app that allows humans to translate cats’ meows. Liang Qu (Sehun) is the cold yet charming lead with a secret: he can transform into a cat!

Sehun (left) and Janice Wu (right). | @Affection94_99/Twitter & Huace Film & TV

Fans are overjoyed to hear that this film finally has a confirmed release date and are eagerly waiting its premiere! The trailer for the movie can be found on Catman‘s official Weibo.

Source: Weibo


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