Korean College Campus Gets Attacked By Moths… The Sight Will Fuel Your Nightmare

Students can hear shrieks from the attacks throughout the day.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

The South Korean Chungkang College of Cultural Industries is nested right in the nature of the mountains.

Chungkang College Campus

Thanks to the otherwise beautiful campus, Chungkang College appeared in numerous K-Dramas — like 2012’s To The Beautiful You and 2019’s Extraordinary You.

Actor Lee Hyun Woo (left) with the late Sulli (right) during the shoot of 2012’s “To The Beautiful You”

Unfortunately though, the campus is currently under attack…

Chungkang College Campus

… by gypsy moths. Yes, you read that correctly. Gypsy moths have taken over the campus — and terrified students shared pictures of the chaos online…

Moths on the banners

… showing buildings, like their dorms, covered in flocks of these invasive moth species.

Moths on the dorm windows

The school has tried exterminating the campus…

Moths on the building wall

… but the effort seems to have gone unnoticed. One student said, “It has been such an ongoing problem that students are growing used to it.”

Brown spots are all moths grouping together

The school said they’ll try exterminating again… but I don’t know. You’ll hear someone shriek randomly somewhere in the distance. Everyone already knows what happened though. It’s the moths. They fly into the umbrellas on rainy days.

— Student

According to South Korean news reports, these gypsy moths survived the winter last year — which they usually don’t, against the cold weather…

“Gypsy Moths in Seoul — 10% hatched on 6/24 to 50% hatched by 6/29”

… and so a larger number has hatched since. In fact, these moths, known to potentially cause poison-ivy-like rashes, have actually become a nationwide problem. But it seems Chungkang College is dealing with the worst of it:

Gypsy moths — male (left) and female (right)

Upon seeing the shocking campus pictures, Koreans are shaking in goosebumps.

A total nightmare fuel, right?

Source: THEQOO and Indica