Korean Comedian Kim Shin Young Finally Breaks Silence With Truth About Alleged Celebrity Sex Tape

Kim Shin Young braves the public as she personally denies malicious speculations that she was the female celebrity in a reported sex tape. 

On July 12th, Kim Shin Young broke her silence through her own radio show and stated, “I am not the woman in the sex tape.” According to the celebrity and entertainer, she was embarrassed about the sex tape controversy and received more than sixteen videos for the past four days. She went on to reveal that as the problem continued, she cannot help but watch it and clarified that it was not her. There was no way that she’ll be able to film and described herself as a “very lonely person.”

She was praised for the way she handled the controversy and expressed her shock towards it. She also thanked the eagle-eyed netizens who found online proof about her identity trough the location of her moles.

Kim Shin Young ended her statement with a message that she hoped no one else will damaged by the misunderstanding.

Image: DailySports

Source: DailySports