Korean Congresswoman Expresses Regret About How She Treated BTS Before They Got Famous

Congresswoman Na Kyung Won is now a fan of BTS.

Congresswoman Na Kyung Won of the Liberty Korea Party recently spoke at a youth rally where she mentioned the time she encountered BTS before they got famous.

During her speech, she stated, “I’m a fan of BTS. Back when BTS wasn’t well-known, they attended an event that I held for the disabled.


She then went on to confess, “At the time, I only took photos with Yuna Kim, who was very famous and didn’t take any photos with BTS, who was not famous at the time. I really regret it now.

Na Kyung Won continued, “You probably remember the message BTS gave at the UN assembly, which was, love yourself. Everyone, remember to love yourselves. That’s what you can do for the better future of Korea.

Source: Dispatch