Korean Cosmetic Surgeon Reveals His Youngest Patient Was 8 Years Old

It was an especially disturbing revelation.

Plastic surgery is a growing phenomenon in the world, particularly in South Korea which has the highest rate of cosmetic surgeries per capita in the world.

It is estimated that approximately one in three South Korean women between the ages of 19 and 29 have had plastic surgery, although it is thought that this number could be as high as 50%.

While ultimately plastic surgery is the personal choice of the man and the woman, there have been concerns about the social pressures and constricted beauty standards that drive individuals to change their appearance.

Furthermore, it has been of growing distress that teenagers and even children could be considering cosmetic surgery at such an impressionable and self-conscious age.

A recent television program interviewed a cosmetic surgeon and he revealed that the youngest patient he had for a consultation was only 8 years old.

Additionally, he revealed that the decision was made by the girl’s mother who wanted to advanced her daughter’s career in acting.

Her mother wants her to be a child actress and she thought it would be nice for her child to have double eyelids.

Many commenters criticised the mother and condemned her for pressuring her daughter into undergoing this procedure.

I literally cursed as soon as I knew the reason why. I thought the kid had some health issues.


Don’t ever dare to make your kid go under the knife just because of your own greed, woman.

Others spoke of other children who had also undergone cosmetic surgery, revealing a dark backdrop to the social pressures that kids face with their appearance.

My dad is a cosmetic surgeon and he also had some young kids coming up to him for eyelids surgery…


I had double eyelids surgery because of my eyelashes when I was 8 or 9. I went under the knife without even knowing what double eyelids are.

Some commenters however stated that it was fine for the child to get cosmetic surgery as long as they agreed to it.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea to get your eyes done at such a young age. Of course, they need to ask for the kid’s consent but people with monolids will eventually get their eyes done later when they grow up anyway.

Meanwhile, there were others who wished that the mother would teach her daughter to value her appearance and build her self-confidence rather than getting her child to change her appearance at such a young age.

That is very heart-breaking to hear. Just love your kids the way they are.

Sadly, with the strong focus on appearances, it is apparent how many people are incentivized to follow the conformist ideals of beauty in the modern world.