Korean Cult Leader Arrested After Forcing Family Members To Assault Each Other

Family members were forced to beat each other.

A South Korean cult leader that goes by the name Shin Ok Ju was arrested last month along with three other leaders for stranding 400 followers in Fiji and subjecting them to violent beatings.


In 2014, Shin Ok Ju predicted that a famine would take over the South Korean peninsula and convinced 400 of her followers to move to Fiji where she promised they could survive.


Once the followers arrived, however, their passports were confiscated and they were allegedly forced to work without pay and subjected to violent beatings by the leader herself and to each other.


These acts of violence called “threshing floors” was a type of ritual created by the cult that involved pushing, slapping and even cutting or pulling of the hair.


Family members were often encouraged to perform these “rituals” on each other. In one of the released footages, a girl and a woman who are believed to be mother and daughter can be seen slapping each other in the face.


One man in his 70’s was said to have been hit 600-700 times by the fellow cult members over several hours. He eventually died a year later due to subdural hematoma but his family members continue to claim that the beatings did not have anything to do with his passing.


Shin Ok Ju was arrested at Incheon Airport but continues to deny all accusations against her.


Watch the full video below:

Source: The Guardian