Korean Diplomat Caught Using Kpop to Lure And Sexually Molest Young Girls

A video of a Korean diplomat molesting young girls has been leaked and has a lot of people talking.

A Chilean broadcaster uploaded a trailer for the television program, En Su Propia Trampa, on December 15th. En Su Propia Trampa means “to fall into one’s trap.” This trailer includes a scene where a Korean diplomat grabbed a young girl by the neck and started to kiss her by force. The diplomat then pulled the girl into his house.

When staff from the show told the diplomat that he had been filmed, he could be seen bowing to them and repeatedly saying “Por Favor.” Presumably, he was asking them to not air the clip.

Officials have announced that the diplomat has been charged with child sexual abuse, due to her being 14 years old at the time. It turns out that he had been assaulting the girl while teaching her Korean in his home.

After receiving the report about the incident, the broadcasting company asked another underaged girl to approach the man. Yet again, the diplomat attempted to sexually assault the girl and was filmed by a hidden camera.

Local communities are now worried that this incident will negatively impact the Korean Wave spreading in Latin America. In Central and South America, the influence of K-pop and dramas have gotten so strong that there are groups of super fans among the youth.

The Chilean people have started to respond and are worried that they too will be negatively impacted while living with the Korean community.

On December 18th alone, the video was viewed over 600,000 times. More than 800 comments have been posted and it has also been shared more than 3000 times. It was also reported on during the evening news.

The officials plan to investigate the diplomat, who is currently in suspended. They will proceed with the disciplinary and criminal proceedings if the allegations are confirmed.

Watch the video of the diplomat’s disgusting actions being caught on camera.

Source: Dispatch