Korean Drama “Mother” Is The Only Asian Drama At The First Cannes International Series Festival

The Korean drama “Mother” gained international recognition through its nomination in the CANNESERIES Official Competition.

The Korean drama Mother was the only Asian drama at the 1st Cannes International Series Festival.


The festival is one of the main events of MIPTV 2018 and Mother was one of the 10 out of 130 international series that were nominated for the Official Competition category.

Source: Cannes Series


Mother is about an elementary school teacher who discovers that one of her students is abused at home. As she tries to help the child, she decides that it’s in the child’s best interest for her to kidnap her and raise her as her own.


The drama received an explosive response at the official screening before the award ceremony proving that the sentiment of Korean dramas is well-received by the international audience as well.


The drama was also highly regarded for its detailed directing, well-made plot and impressive acting during its broadcasting in Korea.


It was actually an adaptation of the award-winning Japanese drama that goes by the same title Mother.


Unfortunately, Mother was not selected for an award this year but it was nonetheless significant in the fact that it gave Korean dramas the opportunity to be recognized by the world.


Netizens have been expressing how proud they were to see a Korean drama at a Cannes festival.

  • “I believe being invited to the festival in itself means that the drama has been recognized. It is still the best drama of my life.”
  • “Congratulations~ It touched our hearts very deeply…”
  • “Just going to Cannes was extraordinary…good work~♡”
  • “This drama was so good ㅠㅜ It’s too bad it didn’t receive an award but what does that matter. You guys were awesome :)”
  • “A movie-like drama with touching dialogues and excellent actors that drew in the viewers with each episode♥”


Congratulations to the staff and cast of Mother on this joyous occasion!

Source: Osen, Naver and iMBC