Korean embassy investigates the shooting and killing of 3 Korean citizens in the Philippines

South Korean embassy officials in the Philippines are currently investigating a homicide case after three Korean nationals were found dead with gunshot wounds. 

According to reports by Korean media outlets, the bodies of two men and one woman were discovered in a sugar cane field in the urban city of Bacolod on October 13th. Although the names of the victims have not been released, they have been identified as a 51 year-old male, a 46 year-old male, and a 48 year-old female, and have all been confirmed as Korean nationals.

According to reports, the two men left Korea on August 16th, and the woman left a few days later on the 19th. It has also been established that none of the victims were related by blood. According to the police, all three of the victims had light criminal records, but were not wanted criminals in Korea. They were said to have arrived in the Philippines on travel visas but have since remained there due to business purposes. Because they were easily recognized by the locals in the neighborhood, police have suspected that they had been staying in the same area for quite a while.

According to police reports, “there were bullet wounds that indicate the gun was fired while being pressed against the temple.” Additionally, the police reports indicated that, “The man was found thrown into a ditch,” suggesting that the murder was done in an execution-style rather than by impulse. While there haven’t been many major leads on the case yet, police and embassy officials are working hard to solve the case.

Source: Chosun