Korean EXO Fans Send Protest Trucks To The SM Entertainment Building, Calling For The Removal Of Chen And Chanyeol From The Group

International fans continue to support the members.

Korean EXO fans sent protest trucks to the SM Entertainment building in Seoul on May 26, 2023. The trucks called for removing members Chen and Chanyeol from the group. The fans who engineered the protest are in support of a six-member group.

The truck was parked right in front of the building at Seoul Forest Station.

Protest truck outside the SM Entertainment building. | @outccout_/Twitter

Maintain EXO as six members and ensure promotions. Protect your artists. SM, stop neglecting them.

— Truck

The trucks accused Chen and Chanyeol of “harming the group.”

Protest truck outside the SM Entertainment building. | @outccout_/Twitter

Remove Chen and Chanyeol, who harmed the group. Stop treating fans like fools. EXO doesn’t need malignant members. Chen, Chanyeol, Out.

— Truck

While netizens feel sympathetic to the cause, ardent fans of the group defend the two members.

Protest truck outside the SM Entertainment building. | @outccout_/Twitter

Netizens expressed their sympathy for the fans and criticized those who cannot understand how a celebrity’s private life can also affect their work.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Those defending Chen and Chanyeol in the comments above, why don’t you guys fangirl/boy on them if you like them so much?
  • To the fans, have strength. I’m cheering you on.
  • The dad should leave the group, and because of you, who sabotaged the group due to girl problems, I’m too embarrassed even to say I was your fan. If you have a conscience, leave the group.
  • Hwaiting
  • I hope EXO fans can find strength and get good results. I think they’ll do fine even with just six members. It actually might look even more stable.
  • For real, one is no different from Lucas, and the other… I’m not saying anything about a shotgun marriage, but the entire process was too… I support EXO fans.
  • EXO-Ls are too pitiful.
  • I’m a fan of another group, but it’s too much to dismiss it as “their private lives.” It’s true that because of their private lives, they couldn’t release albums which affected the promotions. If the company honestly believed that this was a matter of their personal lives, they would’ve gone ahead with promotions. I think it’s reasonable to be mad when they cannot promote during one of their most active periods.

On the other hand, international fans continue to support both members and a nine-membered group. They disapprove of the protest trucks.

On the other hand, EXO is slated for a comeback soon! The comeback was initially scheduled for April but was pushed back due to delays.

Source: theqoo


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