Koreans Blast Rookie Idol TO1 Members For Allegedly Throwing Away Fan Gifts And Letters

“Is it like a debut requirement for TO1 to throw away fan gifts?”

Rookie idol TO1 members Chan and Kyungho are now facing criticism online for several accusations posted by an anonymous Twitter user, @gigachan18, though the account has since been deleted after the tweets became widely circulated.

TO1 | @TO1_offcl/Twitter

The account shared pictures of thoughtful gifts and letters sent to TO1 by different fans. The caption, however, suggested that these items have been recollected after Chan and Kyungho “threw them out” in the dumpster located under the group’s dorm.

I can’t be the only one who saw the dorm building’s dumpster pile up with gifts that aren’t luxury items every support day.

— @gigachan18

From healthy supplements like ginseng…

What is this, Chan?

— @gigachan18

… to brand new padded outerwear with the ₩498,000 KRW (about $446 USD) tag still intact,

Idols who throw away gifts they get from fans are so rude.

— @gigachan18

@gigachan18 shared several pictures of alleged “fan gifts” and blasted the members for “being rude.”

Kyungho likes to toss out unopened boxes of fan gifts, too. So, good luck.

— @gigachan18

The tweets, shared over 2.9K times, have attracted K-Pop fans around the world to talk about whether the behavior is acceptable or not. While most fans commented that the idea of finding their gifts and letters in the trash would greatly hurt their feelings…

Is it like a debut requirement for TO1 to throw away fan gifts?

— @gigachan18

… some argued that the members have their own rights and should be able to freely decide whether or not they want to keep/use the gifts. Overall though, K-Pop fans agreed that Chan and Kyungho could have gotten rid of the gifts discreetly for the sake of being more conscientious.

  • “Fans know that it is obviously impossible for idols to keep all the gifts they get from their fans at home or at the agency. But this is kind of beyond that. They could have at least read/kept the letters. Take pictures with the gifts to share with the senders before throwing them away. Fans would understand. But to simply toss everything except for the luxury items? That is plain rude.”
  • “I doubt that they received so many gifts and letters that they had to throw some away. So, unfortunately, I find this hilarious.”
  • “It’s up to them to throw away, fine. But it’s also up to them to make sure the fans don’t know. Are they not grateful for the handful of fans they have [as rookies]? I’d be thanking and cherishing each and every single one of them.”

While the tweets continue to circulate and online criticism builds, neither TO1 nor the agency WAKE ONE Entertainment is yet to respond to any of the accusations.

Member Kyungho (left) and Chan (right) | @to1_members/Twitter
Source: Tistory, Nate Pann and Image (1) and (2)