Korean Fans Are Completely Disappointed With The Music Video For BoA’s New Song

“Looks like a joke.”

Original K-Pop queen BoA is back with a new single, “Feedback”, and fans were super excited to see her return to the stage again – until they watched the music video for the song and decided “SM Entertainment is not working hard enough to give her what she deserves.”


Fans are now voicing their concerns regarding the quality of the music video, along with other points like BoA’s styling which has also been an “issue” with some of her previous promotions, and are harshly criticizing the agency for not investing in BoA.


The main controversy involves the quality of the computer graphics used for the music video. Fans are upset with how horribly photoshopped the video is, with screenshots of the scenes where the graphics failed to catch up with BoA’s awesomeness.


They also pointed out that BoA’s outfits in the music video are completely irrelevant to the rest of the background or the music. Some are even complaining that her styling is so awkward and outdated that it is distracting to the fans trying to watch and focus on the music video and track.

Sigh… What have you made BoA wear… She’s perfect, but the outfit is such a miss.

— YouTube ID 안소희

Does SM Entertainment have ANY stylists at all? Every single one of their artists are always dressed so horribly, I can’t stand to look at them.

— YouTube ID 김하늘

I’m okay with the MV, but those outfits… None of them match the overall color and tone of the MV… Like, you have BoA to work with – but you decide to make her wear these?

— YouTube ID 32 L


On the other hand, the unbothered fans are in love with how unchangingly young and beautiful BoA has remained since her last promotions. They also praised her talent and her ability to stay in the game – even as an older generation K-Pop star. Regardless of the criticism stirring, all of BoA’s fans are undoubtedly blessed by her vocals and visuals!


Watch the music video here:

Source: THEQOO