Korean Fans Followed WANNA ONE To Malaysia, And Now Arrested And Detained By Government

They were arrested for their crimes.

Three Koreans were detained in Malaysia for four days, and it’s been revealed that they’re fans of Wanna One.

They were visiting Malaysia to attend Wanna One’s fan meeting when they were detained by immigration authorities.

According to the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the parents of the 3 fans reported the incident to their office and the Ministry immediately began their investigation.

Wanna One performing at their Malaysian fan meeting.

“The families of the detailed people reported the incident to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ call center and explained the relevant matters. We are not aware of the exact situation.”

The Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted the Malaysian authorities about the matter as soon as their arrest was confirmed, but they were unable to make progress in their release as they were detained over the weekend.

According to other fans from the event, the Korean 3 fans were arrested by the Malaysian police for selling their own produced goods at the event.

It’s illegal for foreigners to sell anything in Malaysia without a business visa. The three fans had entered the country with tourist visas.

Wanna One performing at their Malaysian fan meeting.

Local officials say that the fans may be charged with tax evasion for their unregistered store as well.

Other Wanna One fans have expressed their embarrassment over the incident as many of the fans know that it’s illegal to sell their own goods without a permit even in Korea.

“I don’t know why they came all the way to Malaysia and do something that’s not allowed. They may just have been ignorant of Malaysian laws but I’m embarrassed as a fellow fan.”

“Malaysia is very strict with their laws. I don’t understand why they committed a crime that’s also illegal in Korea.”

— Korean Wannables

The three fans remain detained under Malaysian authorities and no updates on their release have been announced yet.

YMC Entertainment and Wanna One have yet to make a statement about the matter.

Source: Kookmin Ilbo and Sports Biz