Korean Fans Grow Furious Over Big Hit Entertainment’s “2021 New Year’s Eve Live” Offline Concert Details

“They must take their fans to be f*cking fools…”

Big Hit Entertainment recently announced the agency’s upcoming, first-ever online and offline concert — the 2021 New Year’s Eve Live…

| @BigHitEnt/Twitter

… to feature artists from all its subsidiary labels, like Pledis EntertainmentSource Music, and BE:LIFT Lab.

ENHYPEN | @enhypen/Twitter

Then, on November 12, the agency tweeted details about the offline concert — including the venue, seating, and ticket prices.

<2021 NEW YEAR’S EVE LIVE presented by Weverse>
Countdown Concert with #LeeHyun #BTS #TXT
#2021NYEL #WEVE_CONNECTED Final Line-Up And Details

— Bit Hit Entertainment

According to Weverse, the offline concert will take place at the KINTEX Exhibition Center 1 in Goyang City of Korea…

KINTEX Exhibition Center 1 | News1

… and the ticket prices start from ₩154,000 KRW ($138 USD) and ranges up to ₩275,000 KRW ($246 USD), depending on the “package” selected.

| @BigHitEnt/Twitter

Unfortunately, when the details became revealed, Korean fans grew irritated by “the agency’s greed for money“…

… and called out Big Hit Entertainment for “ripping [them] off“.

  • “I gotta say, this is the first time I’ve grown tired of supporting a group because of the agency. I want to keep stanning, but man — I’m exhausted.”
  • “Get real. A joint concert for $200? That’s f*cking expensive. PLUS they’re going to try sell DVDs of the show? Big Hit Entertainment is greedy for money.”
  • “You know, it almost feels like the agency knows that ‘those who will come will come‘ and so they don’t know where to draw the line. They keep pushing and pushing until everyone feels cheated and ripped off… How will this end?”
  • “This is evil… Fans are thirsty for anything and everything offline. It’s as if the agency is taking advantage of these desperate spirits for money.”
  • “I’ve never seen fans this angry before… Wow.”


The biggest concerns brewed over the “subpar quality of the venue“, the “unfairness of the random seating assignment“, and the “unexpectedly high range of ticket prices” (in comparison to other K-Pop idol concerts — both joint and individual).

A stage view during an event being held at KINTEX Exhibition Center 1. | theqoo

KINTEX Exhibition Center 1 is not suitable for concerts because it is AN EXHIBITION CENTER and not a concert venue to begin with. Plus, the stage view is horrible from most seats… but to sell these seats at random assignment for $150? They think we’re dumb, huh?

— Fan

Big Hit Entertainment has not responded to the criticism — as angry tweets continue flood the official announcement.

Source: THEQOO (1) and (2)