Korean Fans Remain SUSPICIOUS Of WINNER’s Sudden HALT In Promotions

Fans and netizens alike cast doubts after YG Entertainment suspended all of WINNER’s ongoing promotional activities. 

In a report by OSEN on March 10th, it was highlighted that WINNER will be pausing promotional activities for their comeback album, EXIT, casting doubt over the real reason behind the agency’s sudden move. As the members are still under the direction of Yang Hyun Suk, it was speculated that the group is preparing for another project instead.

WINNER impressed fans when they promoted their title tracks, “Baby Baby” and “Sentimental” early this March. However, the latest halt in their activities allowed fans to be suspicious of their next set of activities. Some netizens posted up their own thoughts online and revealed that the sudden announcement was a direct response to the group’s alleged mediocre album sales.

It was then clarified that WINNER’s upcoming concert will proceed as scheduled.

Image: YG Entertainment / OSEN
Image: YG Entertainment / OSEN

Source: OSEN