Korean Fitness Coach Sweeps YouTube With His “Downfall” After His Gym Shuts Down Amid COVID-19

His new identity is “YouTuber Cheeseball”.

Korean fitness and nutrition coach Moon Seok Ki, also known by his YouTube channel name FITVELY, is actually a successful entrepreneur with multiple gyms across Seoul and surrounding cities.

Health and nutrition coach Moon Seok Ki. | @fitvely_moon/Instagram

Unfortunately, amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and Korea taking steps to quarantine its citizens to prevent the spread, Moon Seok Ki had to bid his trainees goodbye and shut doors to his gyms.

FITVELY Hip-Up Factory Gym | @fitvely/Naver Blog

To stay positive during the difficult times though, Moon Seok Ki turned to YouTube and continued to stay connected with his subscribers. And after searching for refreshing content to feature on his channel, he stumbled across the idea of trying calorie-bomb menus that he normally wouldn’t.

His first two live streams titled, “I’m going to eat ramyun because I’m struggling over COVID-19” and “Another week of COVID-19 got me eating again”. | YouTube

And so began his downfall! From fried chicken and cheeseball combos…

… to braised jokbal with glass noodles…

The glass noodles were the best thing I’ve tasted in my 30 years of life… Like… I don’t know if I can go back to yam noodles… ever… Sigh…

— Moon Seok Ki

… and even the guiltiest pleasures of supersized macarons and Oreo cakes…

… Moon Seok Ki couldn’t hold back the sheer shock and awe at some of these flavors! Watch him down a can of whipped cream like a boss:

Moon Seok Ki’s side mukbang gig may have started off humble; but soon enough, thanks to his adorably hilarious and 200% relatable reactions, his channel saw a great spike in views — ultimately collecting 420K subscribers.

I finally understand why my trainees gain weight…!

— Moon Seok Ki

Calling his subscribers sunbae-nims, for having known these glorious dishes way before he did, Moon Seok Ki now boasts a brand new nickname of “YouTuber Cheeseball” and “Coach Corrupted”.

“Coach Corrupted” with hashtags #MonsterBornFromCOVID19 and #CheeseballAddict. | @fitvely_moon/Instagram

With his gym locations are set to re-open for business soon, one question remains to be answered. Will he be able to forget the blissful flavors and return to a strict diet of brown rice and protein powder shakes for this bod?

| @fitvely_moon/Instagram

Or will the sunbae-nims catch him on the flip side, calling in that order of crispy chicken with an extra side of cheeseballs?

Source: THEQOO