Meet The Korean Girl That Fought Back And Chased A Man Who Attacked Her

Cora Kim was almost sexually assaulted across the street from her house but she managed to fight back. She now has a powerful message she wants to share.

On November 14, Cora posted a public message on her personal Facebook page. She described the moment where a man tried to sexually assault her, steps from her home in New York.

Cora was strong and able to fend him off but as he ran away she did something most people would not, she ran after him. Unfortunately, he got away and also left Cora with a split lip that required 11 stitches.

This is a reality that many women have to face daily and Cora was very fortunate that she was able to fight her attacker off. She posted this powerful message to the world:

“I am angry. Angry because I didn’t catch him. Because every day he’s free means one more girl he can assault. And those girls may not fight back.

Sexual assault is not a joke and it happens everyday and anywhere to anyone. Please look out for the girl or guy on the street in the distance, for they may be too afraid to fight back.”

What Cora did was brave and we commend her on it but if one ever finds themselves in a dangerous situation as this, experts say it is best to get away and not fight back. By fighting back you run the risk of making them angrier and more likely to hurt you. As Baltimore Detective Donny Moses points out, “The object there is to walk away with your life.”

Still, Cora is a serious badass!

Source: Baltimore Sun