Korean Government Alleged To Have Manipulated YouTube Views

“If you’re going to fool us, at least make it believable…”

The Korean government is alleged to have manipulated YouTube views.

Minister of Culture Park Bo Gyoon | Joongang Ilbo

On August 25, YTN reported that suspicions were being raised over a YouTube video produced by the Korean government. The video, which currently has over 16 million views, is a propaganda video that attempts to quell fears over Japan’s decision to dump treated nuclear wastewater from its Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean.

Fukushima nuclear power plant | CBC

In the video, a narrator tells audiences that they shouldn’t worry about the water affecting their health.

You are exposed to radioactive materials if you consume coffee, milk, or eggs. You shouldn’t be worried about health problems arising from the water.

— Korean propaganda video

The government has revealed that it had spent ₩1.00 billion KRW (about $753,000 USD) promoting it on several platforms. Several opposition party politicians, however, are alleging the money was spent to directly influence the video’s view count.

The video has been watched over 16 million times in one month. A different video was watched 10 million times. Videos regarding Fukushima have been watched as much as Lim Young Woong‘s music video. Are you sure the marketing fee of ₩1.00 billion KRW (about $753,000 USD) wasn’t spent to just directly manipulate the views?

— Jang Chul Min

As the controversy grew, the Ministry of Culture claimed that the video received more view thanks to their marketing efforts. Famed social critic Chin Jung Kwon also took to the radio waves to express his skepticism.

Chin Jung Kwon

Is the ruling party BTS? Or BLACKPINK? How can the video achieve 16 million views? If you’re going to fool us, at least make it believable.

— Chin Jung Kwon

Meanwhile, Japan revealed it had begun releasing Fukushima’s treated nuclear waste water on August 24.

Protestors in Seoul | BBC

The waters’ release has sparked international debate and has become a hotbed of political strife within Korea. You can watch the aforementioned video below.

Source: ytn