Korean Government Officially Awarded EXO With The Title “The Nation’s Pick”

EXO is now the face of Korean tourism!

Korea Tourism Organization is a government organization under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, made to promote the country’s tourism industry. For 2018, the organization selected the hottest K-Pop idol group EXO to serve as its public ambassadors.


While this is a big deal of itself, fans are wild over the fact that Korea Tourism Organization’s official Twitter account revealed the news with the most honorable hashtags ever!


The caption reads, “EXO was selected the 2018 Korea Tourism Public Ambassadors on Jun 23! EXO will be promoting Korea all over the world now, please look forward to it!” Then it tags “Nation’s Pick” and “Korea Tourism Organization’s Pick” to describe the boy group.

The term “pick” comes from all three seasons of the nationwide hit TV program Produce 101, where viewers (Korean citizens) selected their favorites and called them “their picks”. It is now used interchangeably with “Choice” for Koreans, to indicate that someone or something has been specially selected.


EXO-Ls are proud of the boy group for becoming the official faces to represent the nation for the tourists interested in visiting South Korea!


EXO-Ls from outside Korea are becoming highly interested in visiting Korea, especially since EXO members now represent the Korean tourism industry.

Looks like the “Nation’s Pick” is already doing a fine job at promoting tourism!