Korean Government Issues Ban On Travel To Philippines Island

Some travel agencies looking to bring in Korean tourists to the Philippines are coming under controversy for hiding the fact that the island of Mindanao is under martial law.

It was recently discovered that some Korean-Filipino travel agencies are attempting to hide the fact that part of the country is currently under martial law. This prompted the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs to enact a special order, effectively banning all travel to the affected island.

Some travel agencies argued that what is happening in the southern island should not have an effect on the tourism sector as the major tourist destinations of Manila, Cebu, and Boracay are not located within the no-travel zone.

One of the slogans used by a travel agency stated “Are you preparing to travel to the Philippines? Martial law? Please be assured that it will not be a problem.”

Recently, ISIS took control of the city of Marawi, prompting many citizens to flee. President Duterte declared a 60 day martial law be imposed on the island and warned that it could potentially spread to the entire nation.

Source: Dispatch and NBCNews