Korean government offers all expenses paid vacation for tourists who catch MERS

With the MERS scare affecting the summer tourism in  South Korea, the government’s cabinet has recently authorized the use of using its reserved funds to relief the situation.

According to reports, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has 72 billion won in relief money, or $64.1 million dollars, to give to 17 different areas usually bustling in tourists as soft loans with a low interest rate and up to 1 billion won, or $894,850 dollars.

To relieve the minds of those looking to visit Korea this summer, the Korean government revealed they will pay for all medical and vacation expenses to visiting tourists who catch MERS during their stay in the country, and will be paid another $3,000 as compensation. Should it result in death, the family will be compensated up to 100 million won, or $89,476 dollars.

The MERS situation is scaring away many tourists from South Korea, whose majority its tourists coming from the surrounding Asian countries including China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, accounting for 75%.

MERS has claimed the lives of 19 with another 154 confirmed with the virus and 5,586 people quarantined as of early Tuesday, June 16th.

Source: Money Today (1 and 2)