Korean And International ARMYs Clash On Jungkook’s Friendship With Charlie Puth

“I ruled him out the day he talked about how impressed he is by bts’ clout…”

American singer Charlie Puth tweeted last week, seemingly at BTS’s Jungkook, but some fans aren’t altogether happy about this interaction.

Along with the words “jungkook look” he posted a link to his newest music video.


It’s no secret that Jungkook admires Charlie Puth, as he covered his song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and stated several times that he would love to collaborate with him one day.

Charlie has acknowledged BTS and Jungkook’s cover, and has sent lots of love their way via Twitter.


Korean fans seem to be excited by the tweet from Charlie, as they know Jungkook is a huge fan of his and view it as the result of BTS’s international popularity.

“I hope Charlie Puth’s love for Jungkook never stops.”

“My thoughts as to why Charlie Puth mentioned Jungkook.
1. To tell him to do a cover
2. Just to show off”

“When our Jungkook does an interview, he asks ‘Is Charlie Puth coming too?’ and mentions Charlie Puth when asked which artist he wants to collaborate with. But Charlie Puth really called out Jungkook’s name… Jungkook, do you see this?”


Some Korean news outlets have reported positively on the tweet as well.

These articles have headlines like “Charlie Puth’s world wide love for BTS’s Jungkook”, “Charlie Puth’s unique love for Jungkook”, and ” ‘Look Jungkook’…’BTS Fan’ Charlie Puth Asks Him to Watch His New Music Video”, showcasing the generally positive spin on the situation in Korean media.


International fans have different opinions about Charlie Puth’s intentions, however, believing he’s just using Jungkook’s name to spread his new song and music video.


Many fans are referring to a previous interview Charlie did in which he raved about BTS’s huge social media following before stating he’d like to collaborate with them one day.

“They’re massive, I want that social following…Me and Shawn Mendes are like how do we get that kind of fanbase? I’d love to collaborate with them.”


Several Korean fans and international fans are now defending Charlie Puth in the wake of these accusations.

“Charlie Puth’s personality controversies, he already gave feedback on that. Right now, international fans made a thread [about the situation] and now the situation is getting bigger. How bad would Charlie Puth’s fans feel? It’s a singer that Jungkook likes so let’s not do this. As the fandom grows bigger, there are times I don’t understand ARMY.” — @jin__hopes