A Korean Lawyer Has Revealed How Long Jung Joon Young Could Spend In Jail

An expert on the relevant laws has come forward.

It’s been previously speculated how long Jung Joon Young could be spending in jail assuming he is sentenced for his crimes but now an expert on the matter has come forward to set the record straight.

On the March 18th episode of Section TV, lawyer Oh Soo Jin explained that in the event that one person commits several crimes, the maximum sentence is one and a half times the crime with the longest sentence.

Jung Joon Young is currently being charged with illegal filming and sharing but there is a strong possibility he will also be facing a solicitation of prostitution charge. The maximum sentence for illegal filming and sharing is five years so if he receives the additional charge, his maximum sentence will be seven and a half years.

Jung Joon Young currently has an arrest warrant and recently completed an extensive second round of questioning.

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