Korean Streamer Arrested For Defrauding K-Pop Fans

“The live streamer defrauded K-Pop fans…”

A Korean live streamer who streams on the platform Afreeca TV has been arrested for fraud.

According to MBC News, a live streamer was arrested on June 8. It has been reported that the live streamer defrauded K-Pop fans.

The crime happened after tickets for both the upcoming 1st Dream Concert Trot and 28th Dream Concert were sold out in 20 minutes. 

The live streamer is alleged to have offered to sell tickets to the concerts at retail prices on a resale platform.

The live streamer would then ask for private information from the victims and then use the information to purchase gift cards for himself.

The victims are said to have found out the scammer was a live streamer, and his address through his live stream and, with the help of a restaurant that he ordered food from, contacted the police to arrest him.

According to the report, there have been 23 victims thus far who have lost a total of ₩60.0 million KRW (about $47,500 USD) to the scam.


Source: MBC News