Korean Make-Up Artist Gains International Attention For Mind-Blowing Optical Illusions

In recent times, makeup does not only create an enhancement to one’s features, but also transforms as form of self-expression. 

It was the case for Korean makeup artist Dain Yoon who has gained a viral following for creating illusions through her makeups. Posting daily on her personal Instagram account, Dain Yoon, is described to be an artist and a student, who has gained more than 200,000 followers in less than two months.

Aside from online viral fame, the young artists was also featured in a number of television programs in Seoul, South Korea. Recently, the Daily Mail, Mashable and other international news agencies have posted praises of her artistic capabilities.

Dain Yoon would regularly post on her personal Instagram account and continues to gain responses for her mindbending illusions, along with a glimpse of her makeup process. The artist also clarified speculations and emphasised that she does not use Photoshop for any of her images.

Source: Mashable