Korean Man Kills Dog By Driving Off With Dog Hanging From The Door

And the driver will most likely go unpunished.

A truck driver who took off with a dog hanging by its neck has been caught by the police and is currently under investigation.

On February 19, a 67-year-old man killed a dog he received from an acquaintance by driving on the streets of Jeju Island with the dog hanging by its neck.


It is most likely that the dog eventually died of suffocation. It could be seen being dragged on the side of the truck in the video.

The driver has claimed that the dog escaped through a hole in the freight car and denied accusations of animal abuse.


Netizens have been receiving the news negatively:

  • “Even if he didn’t know, it’s obvious that he did not care for the dog properly.”
  • “The dog wouldn’t probably made a lot of nose how could he not hear.”
  • “He has no respect for life.”


If the incident is deemed a case of animal abuse, the driver may be subject to up to 2 years in prison or up to 20 million won ($17,800 USD) in penalties. However, it is considerably difficult to prove the intentions of such acts. A similar case occurred in 2012, a.k.a “The Devil Equus”, which involved a car that speeded on the freeway with a dog hanging from it. The driver’s intentions of this case could not be proved and he/she was found not guilty.


A manager of the Korean Animal Welfare Association stated while there were laws for punishing those who committed manslaughter, there were no such laws for animals.


Meanwhile, the police are currently investigating the credibility of the driver’s statement as well as his history of animal abuse. Watch the full report below:

Source: Youtube and Dispatch