Pharmaceutical Company CEO’s Son Caught Having Secretly Filmed Hundreds Of Hidden Camera Videos Of Women

He had hidden cameras installed everywhere.

A woman reported her boyfriend after discovering multiple hidden cameras installed all over his apartment. The man, identified as Mr. Lee, was revealed to be the son of a pharmaceutical company’s CEO.

When the woman visited his apartment, she found a strange switch next to the toilet. She discovered that it was a hidden camera that was recording everything that was going on in the bathroom. She searched the rest of the house and found multiple hidden cameras, such as frames, table clocks, car keys and more.

There was a weird switch next to the toilet. When I looked closer, there was a memory card slot and it looked like it was recording.

— The Girlfriend


What was even more traumatizing was when the girlfriend confronted him about it. He explained that it was a personal hobby that he’s continued for 6 years and that it is normal among his friends

He told me that filming hidden camera videos was a personal hobby that he’s had for over 6 years. He said a lot of his friends did the same thing too.

When I told him to erase it, he said no.

— The Girlfriend


After the girlfriend reported him to the police, detectives searched his apartment for more secret cameras. They found multiple hard drives and USBs full of illegally filmed videos. They’ve already found hundreds of videos as the forensic team continues to find more.

The police believe there are about 30 victims in total.


Mr. Lee reportedly confessed to his crimes during the police investigations, and the police have filed a warrant for his arrest.

The girlfriend, however, continues to be traumatized by the incident. She claims that she has nightmares each day, worried that the private videos would get leaked for everyone to see.

I’m so embarrassed and I have a lot of nightmares. I have nightmares that the videos will leak. I dream about it about 5 times a day.

— Girlfriend

Source: Dispatch
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