Korean Man Uses His Friend To Murder His Mom, Claims He Was A Good Son

“I was a filial son.”

A 39-year-old man and his friend were arrested after the man bribed the friend to kill his 63-year-old mother.

Gyeongnam Police have announced they arrested 39-year-old Mr. A and the friend, Mr. B, for suspicions of murder, which happened on December 20th.

With a blunt weapon, the friend entered the mother’s house around 2:40 am and beat her to death.

The victim’s son called 119 saying that his mother was dead, prompting the police to immediately set out looking for suspects.

It took nearly a month, but the friend was arrested after examination of the surrounding security camera footage.

Originally the friend claimed that he was the only perpetrator, but in the end, he admitted that he was told to kill the mother by her son.

The friend revealed why the son decided to kill his mother. It was all because of money.

“[The son] had it tough economically because of his mother.

He was wondering if he should kill his mother by a car accident or by arson.”

— The Friend

The mother was admitted to the mental hospital for symptoms of schizophrenia.

After the murder, the son transferred ₩12 million KRW (~$11,160 USD) into the friend’s account several times.

It was also revealed that the son changed the name on his mother’s house deed to his name while she was in the hospital.

However, when asked why he had his mother murdered, the son claimed that he’s a good son.

“I was a filial son.”

— Mr. A

Mr. A is in full denial of all the charges against him, claiming his innocence.

His case has become a hot topic in Korea as his charges continue to reveal more motive behind the murder.

Source: Insight